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Mint Money, Save Space with GetMyCar

Parking your car in a busy city in Europe is an expensive proposition. The problem remains identical across the continent; The average cost of ...

4 minutes Read
Matters of Heart: How Moving Analytics Empowers Your Health

Cardiovascular disease (CVD) costs, in the United States alone, will exceed $1 Trillion in the coming decades according to a report. With almost 100 ...

3 minutes Read
Breathe Free with Exheale — COPD Management Tool

Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) is the 3rd leading cause of deaths worldwide. With the prevalence of 251 million cases of COPD across ...

3 minutes Read
Healthcare that maximizes profits and reduces wait time: Medicheck

More than 10% of Global GDP is spent on health expenditures worldwide yet more than 400 million people worldwide lack access to basic health ...

3 minutes Read
Study Abroad Apartments deploys disruptive house rental services across Europe

Student accomodation is a big challenge for students starting their universities. Finding furnished student accommodations is tough ask for many, let ...

4 minutes Read
Delivering On-Demand Healthcare at Optimum Efficiency — White Coat

Running a healthcare company to cater for on-demand house calls is a tricky act to manage. The planning, logistics, technology and utilization of ...

3 minutes Read

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Visual Prototypes

The best way to show your Product Vision. As they say, a 1000 miles journey starts with the first step. And the first step is always hard. And this ...

3 minutes Read
Product Scoping

In the history of project management failures, one of the highest contributors had been the “Scope Creep”. Not thinking through the scope ...

4 minutes Read
Planet Encyclopedia

Have u ever looked at the sky and wondered where Planets are in our Solar System ?  Wait no Further, Virtual Force gives you Planet Encyclopedia, ...

Less than a minute Read
Wide Click

WideClick Panorama is a professional high quality image stitcher for iOS. It uses a mathematical image matching technique called Homography, that has ...

Less than a minute Read

Technology stacks do not limit us. However, we have some favorites and we feel fearlessly confident when using them. We truly believe in thinking ...

4 minutes Read

In any relationship, strong communication is the key to success. Our working model follows it verbatim. A solid project management tool is a ...

2 minutes Read

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