Mobile-Ready Online Marketplace for Farmers

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Produce Pay is a new financing solution that provides farmers, who grow fresh fruits and vegetables, with immediate access to liquidity and financing. Through this portal, farmers & distributors can connect, handle shipments and manage financing for the shipments.


  • Ruby on Rails
  • PHP
  • AngularJS
  • Twitter Bootstrap
  • WordPress
  • AJAX
  • HTML5
  • JavaScript
  • SendGrid
  • Wire Transfer


Fresh produce farmers are the ones challenged the most by the limitation of cash intake. This limit can be debilitating and requires a step-up from contemporary financial management solutions. They grow their produce, ship out their product and have to wait for the cash to return. This typically takes a little more than a month. Their needs, however, require them to have instant cash at hand to grow the next cycle to remain productive. Produce Pay needed a web-based portal where all of the financial management processes could be streamlined and centralized. This included, but not limited to, a comprehensive dashboard, each for roles of investors, distributors and farmers. Furthermore, our development team had to come up with a connecting platform between distributors and farmers on priority as regular cashouts needed to take place between the two parties.


  • Engagement Managers Analysis of Produce Pay’s Requirements and Expectations
  • Insightful Information, Suggestion and Input from Produce Pay
  • Innovative Approach by VF Technical Team
  • A Web-based Portal with All Components of Lending Platform
  • Comprehensive Dashboard for Investors, Farmers and Distributors


As a result of Virtual Force’s efforts, Produce Pay has become one of the leading Fintech companies dealing with agricultural sector. As a testimonial to the product success, it recently raised $77 Mil in equity and debt financing to further scale its business. VF is engaged in ongoing efforts since the launch. It has greatly increased value for the organization including improved cash management, streamlining distribution channels, and superior shipment management.

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