PSX Broker Back Office Application

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A PSX broker back office app which is a comprehensive capital market solution offering separate specific solutions such as financial and capital markets products, solutions and services tailored for every stakeholder involved in capital market.


  • PHP | | | | Integrations: "
  • Laravel
  • JavaScript
  • HTML5
  • CSS3
  • Amazon SES


For Stockman, the challenge was to create a back-office application which was safe and secure. It had to comply with the Pakistan Stock Exchange security standards specifications and guidelines. A trust for the brokers was to be developed by providing application level security as well as at the infrastructure level. With 25 years providing services to the stock market, Stockman wanted to gain traction in the back-office application sphere,with the help of VF’s technology.


  • Ideation, Conception and Execution of Smart Bot for Engagement
  • Speech Interface in English and Local Languages
  • Active Noise Cancellation for Clear Voice Input
  • Smart Bot Voice Analysis for Tone and Accent
  • Context Analysis for Speech-to-Text
  • Consumer Sentiment Analysis for Mindful Responses
  • Easy Integration and Implementation on Existing System


VF has helped Stockman create state-of-the-art technologies for best user experience and compliance with the PSX requirements vis-a-vis security, user interface, real-time client feedback, reporting, etc. The software is 100% compatible as per PSX updated back office guidelines and security standards, specifications and requirements. The back-office system is reliable and efficient as it is successfully being used by 40+ brokers.

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