Mobile Apps for Customers Loyalty Programs

Design Development

A mobile app for customers loyalty programs which allows users to explore businesses in their city, get information about their loyalty programs, offers, incentives, and rewards.



  • iOS
  • Android


UrbanBuz carries a well-managed and interactive website to interact and communicate with visitors. However, user hesitate accessing websites on mobile devices due to long loading time and related reasons, and instead prefer a native app. UrbanBuz was looking to give its website a mobile face to align it with current market trends by making it handy and accessible.


Virtual Force was tasked to present all of UrbanBuz’s services in a mobile app. Integrate of all web services into an app was a challenge because of the limitations of working in an iOS and Android environment. Common issues faced include device hardware, screen size, platform, connectivity issues, and more. VF developed a user-friendly app based on iOS and Android. To provide secure and seamless use, the app was developed and tested on multiple OS and Android versions as well as multiple hardware systems.

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