Actionable Intelligence For Smarter Investments

Slingshot Insights is the first crowdfunded expert network and platform for due diligence community that is interested in making smart investments choices in stock market for single name stocks. It features a suite of tools that allow users to also discover and track important catalysts, strategic initiatives and run surveys.

The Challenge and Its Solution

While discovering best possible investment opportunities, even the shrewdest of investors get bombarded with opinion based stock picks by biased analysts. It is difficult to cut through this noise and get hands on authentic information and research reports of single name stocks. It would be ideal to talk to subject-matter experts who are into diligence research, and constantly in contact with management and staying one step ahead in their knowledge. But getting insights from these experts is pricey and why wouldn’t it be when they are being paid by institutional investors with endless money. Thus, a gap is created leaving other investors at a disadvantage.

This is where Slingshot Insights come in.

Slingshot Insights is a platform that empowers investors with affordable access to experts and management teams. It is collaborative, crowd funded and efficient by allowing users to access the leading experts in the field by splitting the cost with others who are interested in the same project. A suite of tools available on the platform aids in accessing unbiased insights to help investors rapidly make sense of the changing stock market situations and tracking important catalysts as well as strategic initiatives.

The Process

Slingshot Insights’ founders partnered with Virtual Force to create the platform from ground up. The founders had a basic MVP and prototype that proved the concept. VF took it on from there and created the enterprise solution. The whole product was produced and launched successfully in less than a year.

Since then, VF is continuously working on new sprints development and enhancing the portal’s technical abilities.

The Tech Side

  • Ruby on Rails 4.2
  • Postgresql
  • Twilio
  • Passenger

From Our Valued Partner:

The Virtual Force team has done a fantastic job taking our MVP to an enterprise level product, completely rebuilding our site from the ground up. Our customers love the new look and feel of, and strong Quality Assurance team has ensured that our site is stable and worry free with each release.

-Colleen Tepe, COO and Co-Founder, Slingshot Insights.

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