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Moodfit- Where AI and Interior Design Meet

The Dilemma of Interior Designing

At one point or another, everyone wants a new look for their home. But usually being pressed for time, the idea of scheduling meetings with interior designers feels like a real hassle. So inevitably even after a thorough rearrangement of furniture in every possible dimension, something still feels amiss –it’s time to call for help. Yet, people don’t want to visit hundreds of stores and talk to designers to explain their taste. Given the technological revolution of this age, surely there must be a solution. There is – and it lies with artificial intelligence.

Online Solutiondesign moodboard

Many homeowners are turning to the internet to engage interior design services. Instead of collecting files of clipped photos and magazine pages to share with the interior designer, one can share internet links and pictures online instantly. The whole design process can become collaborative this way. Many interior designers today find that more and more of their clients are moving to internet, emails and outsourcing products online. The move into virtual interior design services is a natural one and now designers are coming up with smart online interior design solutions. One particular online interior solution is making waves in the industry by developing its application using artificial intelligence.

Say hello to MoodFit

Moodfit is a new concept that makes interior design an enjoyable experience. How? The user is asked to take a specialized Design Quiz in which he is shown different visuals of styles and spaces.

moodfit interior design process


By selecting their preferences out of a wide selection Moodfit is able to run its algorithm to determine what the user’s customized style is

Next, the user can get access to designers’ profiles, complete with their work portfolio, and select the one he wants to hire. The designer can interact with the user on the Design Board and create his dream space. Voila, your online mood board.

The whole process is online which saves the user from having to drive all the way to and from interior design stores. The user can easily receive furniture layout and furniture shopping list from the designer. But what must be appreciated most about MoodFit is its ability to understand every user’s individual style and preference – a task almost impossible to explain, even through words to the designers.

It is the perfect example of how artificial intelligence can merge with emerging online technologies to create solutions to problems in all sectors of the business industry. We don’t know about you, but we’re excited!



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