MoodFit: Interior Designing Made Easy!

Interior design industry generates $12 billion in revenues in the United States alone. The same industry in Middle East and Northern Africa (MENA) region is estimated to be at $20 billion. Yet the industry is yet to be disrupted by any innovation in technology.

Interior designing has been, historically, a costly and time-taking procedure. It takes a designer a unique mixture of both aesthetics and functionality to achieve results. Contemporary design companies run  successful gigs globally but have been slow to adopt to disruptive technologies, due to lack of any in the field.

This situation however is being changed recently. In 2015, a startup by the name of MoodFit emerged to tackle of the problem of tech integration in interior designing.

Moodfit brands itself as an online interior design platform that brings a designer’s touch to your residential or office space. It is the first online interior design platform in the MENA region that offers a hassle-free online home furnishing and decoration service from carefully selected professional interior designers.

The platform connects, coordinate, collaborate and manage renovations end to end through an intelligent algorithm that matches the right designers based on the design preferences of the homeowners.



Its flagship app is designed to be easy to use and intuitive for the low-learning curve. In addition to current requirements, the application was designed such that it is scalable to for use in AR/ VR applications in future as well. Pairing up with Virtual Force as its technology partner, here is what MoodFit’s product contained:

Interactive Design Quiz

Customers can take a one-minute design quiz for the algorithm to determine their style and match them up with complementing designers.

Choose from Select Designers

The customers can browse designers’ portfolios and choose designers as they see fit.

Interactive Online Design Board

After customer’s taste and demands have been established, they are redirected to the designer on our online Design Board to create their dream space.

Ready Made Shopping List

The customers receive their furniture layout and furniture shopping list from their selected designer after completing their design on the Design Board.

MoodFit has become a success story in recent times and has recently secured a seed investment worth north of $400K from Seeders Angel Group as well.

It has recently started expanding its business in Gulf Countries, starting with United Arab Emirates (UAE). Looking towards the future, the co-founders said that, “ (an) exciting product roadmap ahead of us which includes integrating AR/VR, machine learning and other cool features into our platform that solve key pain points and will allow us to further streamline our operations”.



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