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5 Ways Virtual Reality is Changing the World

Virtual reality is the IN thing of today’s tech market. The whole tech industry is seeing a paradigm shift and inclining towards VR. It is a leap. With the launch of Oculus Rift, HTC Vive and release of Sony’s PlayStation VR, high-end virtual reality is here.

The 2016 is the year the technology has gone mainstream with Google’s Cardboard and Samsung’s Gear VR.  While these hardware are not making promises to sell millions of units, it is estimated that the VR Market – content and hardware – will be at $32+ billion by 2020.




It’s not just entertainment and gaming that are poised for such a huge transformation. Here are some of the most lucrative, potential and interesting ways VR is being deployed or played with.

Real Estate:

With cameras and app, Matterport (Silicon-Valley based) Matterport has helped real estate startups like Redfin create a very interactive 3-D models for thousands of listings. Thus,offering buyers a cool way to experience open houses. Hotels are also using Matterport’s tech for virtual room tours.


British startup Medical Realities created its Virtual Surgeon training tool to let novice doctors experience operations through the eyes of a surgeon. VR HealthNet is developing virtual-reality modules for nurses and other professionals of the field to help them internalize certain procedures without risks to Patients.


New Zealand-based 8i is the champ of volumetric VR that allows viewers to move freely throughout a scene, making it possible to see people and what they’re wearing from any direction. It’s is getting many fashion players on board.


Designing trainings and simulations for the armed forces is a huge business – as much as $9.3 billion worldwide, according to the military contractor CAE. Britain’s Plextek is developing VR training programs for battlefield medics.

Live Events:

Most VR content is pre-recorded but live sports and entertainment broadcasts are on the way. NextVR has tried it with the Golden State Warriors’ NBA opener last year. Universal and iHeartRadio are patterning to live-stream a few concerts this year.

Virtual Reality Human Interaction Laboratory

We’re fully expecting more industries to pop up that utilize VR and its potential. There is a lot of excitement in the industry as of now.

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