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Virtual Force Teams Up With IBM : Internet of Things and More

Virtual Force & Kualitatem have joined hands with IBM to bring in a number of IoT based solutions for the retail and non-retail sector through IBM’s IoT Watson platform.

In this pursuit, IBM hosted Spotlight on Retail.


The event took place in Dubai, UAE and endeavored to showcase IoT solutions followed by engaging conversations by top notch global leaders.

The cognitive IoT is causing unparalleled transformation in retail. It is empowering retailers to drive operational efficiency that results in reduced costs and increased profits. Thus, IBM Watson helps retailers optimize merchandising, IoT data processing to drive smarter product and pricing decisions—and better connections with customers.

In that spirit, Virtual ForceKualitatem collaborated with IBM and unveiled a number of solutions in the event:

Retailytics Solution for Smart Refrigerator

The innovative technology embedded in the refrigerator allows for remote temperature monitoring and location tracking of chillers. It also features real-time alarms in case of critical events such as someone tampering the sensors/fridge or temperature rising beyond the set limits.


The smart refrigerator can also show the time and duration for which the fridge was opened in the facility. The retailers on the flip side will have access to detailed analytics, historical data to deduct valuable insights about their consumers.

Retailytics Solutions for Flux Management

The solution features a people counter for a particular facility. It features alarms and action-based controls on the flux of people such as opening more checkout counters when the number of incoming customers increases.

These solutions are a stepping stone towards integrating IoT with everyday technology to achieve better operational efficiency.


And Virtual Force is proud to be working with IBM global team to bring out these solutions.

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