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Automate your HR; Raise that Productivity!

Every Human Resources professional understands that when an employee asks a question, he expects an immediate response. However, not resolving it in a timely manner could lead to disruption and low employee morale. You guessed it, that means low productivity.

Here is what you need to know to  rock your Human Resource department and elevate employee morale to new heights.

Let’s Standardize

If standardizing HR requests to you means suggesting employees to put a unique heading in the subject line of an email – you may be working too hard. Making the process of communication a consistent once however, can transform the effectiveness of the HR team.

Perhaps one way to do this is to have a self-service HR portal for the organization where the employees know how to send requests.

The Self Service Portal

The portal is a website where your employees can be directed to gain answers to the information they seek. It can help them in the following ways:


  • A strong FAQs section reduces HR
  • Empowers the employees to update their personal information
  • Forms can become easily downloadable and electronically filled in.
  • Easy access for employee to review pay stub or benefits info.

Such a consistent approach allows the HR team to work towards making improvements based on the data received from the self-service portal. So the measurement is actually based on true data rather than subjective opinions. Isn’t that great? Also, these tactics really help the HR do more with less. And let’s not forget a general fact:

“When employees become a part of the process, they tend to complain less and focus more on work.”

That is a win-win.

Respond and Care

While it is quite true that employees expect immediate response from the HR department after a request, it is not an expectation that should be a default. An easy and effective way to eliminate this is to have standard response time.  For example 5 business days could be a reasonable time frame for almost any request.

It also gives your team the opportunity to follow up with the employee, clarify any questions and complete the request.

One of the most efficient ways to improve responsiveness is to make sure that the HR requests are sent to the right specialists. Losing days because the HR request bounced around the department or was left in the hands of a person who could address the need is bad!  Let’s not forget another fact:

“When a company shows it cares about its employees by being responsive, the employees are more likely to stay engaged.”

Keep it Proactive

Humans are superb. But they are not error-free. It is imperative to reduce the risk of human error  that are managed through unstructured methods like phone or email. Replacing the manual with automatic will help the HR team to respond sooner but with better efficiency.

A proactive attitude is the one to adopt  when it comes to employee requests. It’s great to work to understand the volume and types of requests handled by HR. Then, evaluate HR resource utilization to drive staffing efficiency. Consequently improving service levels.

The plus points don’t stop there

There are extras to benefit from when you automate the HR Department. Take our top example: Money savings.  Investing in an automated process will reduce the manpower required to achieve organizational objectives.  Thus, in the same budget your HR team can do a lot more, increase efficiency and boost morale. As we know,  better morale always leads to raised levels of productivity.

Human resource managment

So are you ready to rock your organizational productivity?

Get in touch with Virtual Force and let us know how we can help you!