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Small and Medium enterprises are always challenged by their operational inefficiencies. One of them being tracking employee time in and time outs along with leave records.

There are several proprietary solutions, biometric devices, thumb impressions, retina scanners along with their complex software applications. Either they are expensive, or add unwanted complexity of managing and handling information.

Scratching our own itch, our innovation team came up with a simple solution, that we are using and have shared with others.

Clock-IT is a Tablet App, that takes your ID , scans your picture and logs your time in and time out. Less than 5 second process. Mount your Tablet anywhere in your office, and let Clock It greet your team every day with a new message.

You can check your team status from anywhere in the world. Simply use the mobile responsive Web interface to access daily, weekly and monthly reports. Use the readily available info to generate your Payroll. You can also configure your team and timing yourself. Even your kids can do it for you.

Its simple to start, i) Create your account, ii) Download App, iii) Add / Manage Employees.

Feeling excited. Sound like a solution you have been looking for a while?

Get in touch with Virtual Force and let us know how we can help you!