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CuXtom CAM

We don’t wait to innovate, we just do it. While working on a google glass app, we found out the deficiencies within inbuilt camera app. One of our engineers took a stab at that.

Cuxtom CAM,  is a Google Glassware that provides users with an alternate way to take care of all their camera needs.

Salient features include:

  • Start or end video with a single Tap.
  • Taking pictures and recording videos without any limitations.
  • Swipe backward for zooming out and swipe forward for zooming in, while recording videos or taking pics (supports 1 finger or 2 finger swipes)
  • Pictures can be taken by using the camera button or tapping while the viewfinder is being shown.
  • Record video for up to one hour with zoom in and zoom out capability.

The app is officially endorsed by Google Glassware Site.

We believe in Open Source. You can access the Cuxtom CAM Library to use it in your apps anytime.

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