Matters of Heart: How Moving Analytics Empowers Your Health

Cardiovascular disease (CVD) costs, in the United States alone, will exceed $1 Trillion in the coming decades according to a report. With almost 100 million of the population suffering from blood pressure, CVD has taken over as the most prevalent cause of death. In addition to the staggering damages to human life, the economic havoc alone warrants for new and improved methods to counter and contain the disease.

Clinical visits, doctor hours per patient, irregularities in patient readings and improper follow ups contribute as a major factor towards patients struggling to manage their CVD post-operation. This means that whole process from prevention to cure is riddled with management problems.

A medical startup, by the name of Moving Analytics, intends to bring uniformity and clarity to post-op CVD treatment.

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Branding itself as a post-acute care management solutions for cardiac patients, Moving Analytics provides intuitive, turnkey, home-based treatment methods. It endeavours to improve patient outcomes, reduces readmissions and empowers the effective and efficient delivery of quality care to patients. It bases on 30+ years of research in remote disease management from Stanford University.

Moving Analytics targeted a business model which was manual in practice; patient history, scheduling, patient training and readings were not taken for cardio-patients before. To support its operations it required a software to put the manual practice into digital precision.


Last year, Moving Analytics raised $1.1 million at Launchpad Digital Health for its cardio-rehab application.

Moving Analytics strived to create a product to serve patients with cardiovascular problems and worked with Virtual Force to strategize, design and launch its product as an MVP.

Working closely with the design team, it was identified that Moving Analytics would need both mobile and web platforms to execute its business strategy. Separate portals were required for medical practitioners, clinicians and patients. In addition to this, patient readings also needed to be gauged via wearable devices. FitBit devices were envisioned to be used for the purpose.

Among other features, Moving Analytics provided the following functionalities:

Patient Profiling

The software allows you to profile your patients’ health and condition, taking guesswork out of equation.

Securely Recording Health Data

The data stored in the software is encrypted and secured, allowing greater privacy for the patients.

Live Chat with Nurse Practitioners
A built-in module allows the patients to contact the medical practitioners with relative ease, in case of emergency.

Fitbit Integration

Fitbit devices were used to get fitness data for the app. The data would then be uploaded to the medical practitioner’s portal on web, where they could monitor aberrations (if any).

Scheduled Notifications

The patient would be reminded regularly about doing particular activities, measuring their readings or taking medication, via notifications scheduled by medical practitioners.

History and Stats

Detailed records about patient history and statistics are kept in log books for each patient. Consisting of actionable data, it can be viewed by medical practitioners from their portals.

Training and Educating Patients

Telemedicine and Education features have been introduced in the application to bring patients onboard with prevention and cure measures for their diseases.

Moving Analytics achieved great results with its collaboration with Virtual Force. In addition to greater outreach and better profits, we also helped it achieve the following:


increase in functional capacity


medication adherence


program completion rate

Moving Analytics aims to further utilize the data gathered from wearable devices, in the future, by scaling the current (and robust) application


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