Mint Money, Save Space with GetMyCar

Parking your car in a busy city in Europe is an expensive proposition. The problem remains identical across the continent; The average cost of parking in the 32 European cities at is 3 euros an hour. Stretched across weeks and months, an idle car hemorrhages precious capital.

However, a startup has ventured into the car rental community with a twist. Instead of parking your car and pay a hefty fee, you can now put the car up for rent and earn money instead. Sounds good, right?

GetMyCar brands itself as a Car Rental and Car Sharing Community. Through their platform a user can book or share a car in real time. A comprehensive application that allows a complete transaction for borrowing a car including reservations, pick & drop coordination and payments. This allows for reducing car management costs. With all other worries out of the way, driving will be your only concern.

GetMyCar required an application that would get their business from brick-and-mortar setup to online and generate revenue. With high rising costs for parking, car ownership while parking can be an expensive enterprise. Our app was meant to make profits for cars that sat idle and cost their owners monetarily.

This meant that both users renting a car and listing them would have to use an application designed with a great UI/ UX and streamlined business logic.

One of our seasoned analysts recorded all the requirements and challenges in tandem with the client. He proposed a solution consisting of a web portal that would host both rental and listing services with a respective dashboard for both parties. The design was kept simple yet elegant. Here is what we had to offer:

Rent a Car

Renting a car is easy. Select the location you want to visit and dates, find the car and book.  Reach your selected location and pick up the car. Easy!

List your Car

GetMyCar allows for users to list their car online to help save parking costs AND make money instead of the car sitting idle. Just publish the ad, upload your car into the platform and start to share its costs.

Effective Grouping and Tracking

GetMyCar keeps track of car inventory to make sure that a car is shown to be available, only when it’s available. This helps avoid overbooking, and in turn, irritated customers. Real-time inventory updates help prevent overlapping of company assets as well.

GetMyCar has also been featured in social media mentions in popular magazines.

ParkingGO Services

GetMyCar also offers ParkingGO services such as insurance on cars being taken for hire. The services are integrated with GetMyCar.

Payment Integrations

Virtual Force designed payment gateway for its client and gave the option of following payment methods as well:

  1. CB/Visa/Mastercard
  2. Maestro
  3. Diners
  4. MasterPass
  5.  Bank/SEPA Direct Debit
  6. Bankwire
  7. Sofort
  8. ELV
  9. Giropay
  10. Paylib
  11. Przelewy24
  12. IDeal
  13. BCMC

GetMyCar has gained traction for tourist destinations in Europe and offers competitive packages along with the option for parking spaces as well. It is steadily growing in popularity with tourists and locals alike.

Virtual Force offered a time-effective solution that notably accelerated the launch of the Study Abroad Apartments. The project has gotten immensely positive feedback from its target niche as well. Thousands of students have so far availed the service while a collaborative relationship has been made with partner universities as well. More than 7500 listing has been published on the site while 80+ universities are affiliates of the program.

Get in touch with Virtual Force and let us know how we can help you!