Empowering Doctors For Enhanced Productivity

Building a medical application can be tricky at the best of times. Deploying such an application in a developing country with limited internet access and awareness is a tough task altogether. is changing the landscape of using mobile connectivity to gain access to medical facilities in a developing country. Virtual Force got into collaboration with the founders to build the technology foundation and is also an early investor into the company. brands itself as a ‘one-stop destination for all healthcare needs’. It helps connect patients  with the right doctors besides helping healthcare professionals automate their practices and deliver healthcare experience in an orderly manner.

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MyDoctor is a full stack development that included architecture development considering future scale,  third party integrations, front and back end development and project management for the launch of the product. Virtual Force worked with the founders to build the tech as well as supporting them in their marketing initiatives. owns a large database of verified doctors all across Pakistan , about 15000,  that is accessible online. Patients can search, review and book appointments with the doctor of their choice or need. On the Doctor’s side, these appointments can be scheduled in their online calendar and they receive email and sms notifications according to their preferences. Doctors, are also given a solution for practice management where they can manage their patients, appointments and have a mini EMR to handle medical records. This required to come up with a very simple yet elegant design that could cater to all age-groups and demographics. A team of UI/ UX designers sat together in a huddle to figure out the simplest interface to be the face of a grand and intricate software application.

Our development team had to come up with the application for covering mobile platforms and web as well under time constraint to launch the application before competitors could catch on to the trend.

Our engagement managers analyzed the requirements and devised a solution to address all of the business needs. The final product design was the result of insightful information and suggestions provided by the founders and the innovative approach of technology team.

A multi-tiered approach to development was taken as we proposed a solution consisting of a web portal and both android and iOS apps. Here’s what’s included in the app:

Mobile & Web-platforms

Virtual Force designed both mobile (iOS & Android) and web-based platforms for the healthcare application to ensure that users on every digital platform are reached.

Browse Through Verified Top Doctors

Patients can browse through approved doctors from Medical & Dental Council and search by specialization till they find their match.

Book Appointments

Virtual Force set up an appointment module to help customers book appointments instantly with their preferred doctor.

Automated Follow-ups On Appointments

System generates automatic follow ups on appointments made by patients so they don’t miss any checkup with the doctor.

Secured Medical Records

All records are saved and secured via encryption so that patient records and history remains private.

Automated Receipts & Invoicing

Virtual Force built an invoicing module to keep records and to make taxation a whole lot easier.

Order Medicines and Lab Tests 

Medicines can be delivered at home and will take up to 2 hours to reach their destination. There is no additional cost incurred by the vendor other than the price of medicine. was designed and released in beta within 4 Months and went through continuous development and incremental addition of new features for another 18 months. With over one hundred thousand hits on its website within a few weeks of its launch and more than 50000 downloads on its iOS and Android apps, has gained steady traction since its launch. The product is rapidly adapted by doctors and patients resulting in the business growth and brand visibility.



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