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Sentiment analysis is widely regarded as the future frontier of business technology. Afterall, what can be more amazing than computing tons of human emotions and expression and make it into marketable intelligence?

Last year, Arla Foods needed to run a comprehensive campaign on Mother’s Day to appeal to the crowds. The main challenge was to increase time-on-market for PUCK by Arla Foods in a way that it heartens participants to express their love for mothers.

Our client also wanted to be the first adapter to an experiential technology by using sentiment analyzer in its Mother’s Day campaign. This meant that software engineers at Virtual Force had to come with an easy to use application. This coincided with the fact that it was on a platform newly introduced to the market (sentiment analyzing).

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So, Virtual Force designed a sentiment analyzer for Arla Foods’ Mother’s Day campaign. This application was unveiled simultaneously in 4 different locations across 2 states. The application was deemed to be cornerstone for the activities around Mother’s Day campaign for PUCK by Arla Foods.

Our digital solution comprised of a web application portal for video recording and a sentiment analyzer. It was then deployed in booths for the campaign on Mother’s Day. The central idea was to evoke an emotional response by asking a question; how many meals has your mother cooked for you in your lifetime.

A catchy question was put forward to the customers: ‘How long have you stayed with your mom?’. The customer would answer the question and our ‘meal calculator’ would reveal the number of meals cooked by mom as per the age of the person.

The expressions of the customers were to be analyzed for further analysis and their responses were to be uploaded in part of a greater marketing campaign.

List of Features:

Video Recording Web Portal

Sentiment Analyzer

Interactive Front-End

Video Recording Web Portal:

Virtual Force designed an easy to use video recording portal where customers can record a ‘Thank you Mom’ video on Mother’s Day. This would, in turn, be publishable on social media with Puck’s logo to increase their presence on the web.


Interactive Front-End:

The users recorded their video message for their mothers through an interactive booth. The booth had a touch screen with webcam integrated. Coupled with a catchy UX and an emotional appeal, users found it very fun to use the booth.

Sentiment Analyzer:

Virtual Force designed the sentiment analyzer, backed by IBM Watson for speech, text and tone analysis. Through IBM Watson we analyzed & measured the sentiments of the users. A real time graph was shown to the users to engage them and enable them to adjust the message accordingly. A smart scoring mechanism was also created to rate every user after the session.

User generated videos with PUCK by Arla Foods branding were generated and the association of PUCK brand with the home chef was established. Our client was also able to profile consumers and collected data with social media insights, which is being used in other campaigns.

The campaign touched the hearts of the consumers and created a lot of social buzz for the brand.


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