Campaign Management That Drives Traffic – Arla Food’s Success

FMCG’s are always struggling to find the meaningful insights to their consumer behavior. The sea of data around them seem insurmountable while seeking for meaningful information about their customer. Their age, demographics, location, buying habits all get jumbled up when dealing with a ton of customers on a daily basis. Data collection may be easy, but what do you do with the data once you have it and want to tweak your marketing strategy to boost sales?

The answer is simple for the marketing teams; Campaign Management Software is the way to go. Identifying your customer’s need will assist you in branding your product and convey your message to your customers.

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Having an effective campaign management software can provide you real time analytics about prospects, in addition to providing text messages and email-tracking for your prospects.

Arla Foods, have a solid market share when it comes to dairy products and considering the global competition, manufacturers are looking for innovative tools to enhance their outreach. Arla required a custom application that could cater primarily to dissemination of SMS and further engage customers. The system required to be scalable for future campaigns including social media, digital ad, mobile app and web engagement campaigns.

Virtual Force in collaboration with IBM took up the assignment to launch client engagement campaign for Arla and support their marketing strategy. Virtual Force had extensive experience working with digital agencies and marketing teams to deliver quick and suitable technology solutions.

Our campaign for Arla Foods resulted in greater product visibility, enhanced data accuracy and outreach. Arla marketing team termed it a ‘huge success’.

At VF we have engagement managers, who collaborate with clients to understand, plan, execute and support their technology requirements. Our client asked specifically for creating a repository and database for Arla Marketing team to craft better promotions and campaigns, based on the consumer demographics collected from the software. Some of the salient features of the app are listed below.

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User Registration Via Automated Emails

Users were registered in the campaign via code printed on the product. These codes were verified by emails, and in turn, generated e-Vouchers for the winners.

e-Voucher Generation

A unique e-Voucher is generated against every product code entered by the customers during the campaign.

Chatbots For Automated Messaging

Virtual Force configured chatbots to reply to messages by customers if agents were not available. Agents could also engage in real-time chat during the office hours.

Arla engaged with Virtual Force yet again after the success of pilot project with a ‘Back to School’ campaign. Read about it here.

Tracking Of Redeemed Vouchers

We employed a tracking system to keep count of all the product codes and the vouchers redeemed against them. This was to ensure that only those that purchased the product benefited from the deal.

Detailed Campaign Analytics

Our software provided client with credible marketing and sales analytics in respective user-friendly dashboards.

Filtering Bogus Data

We implemented a system sanity management by enforcing a filter list of bogus users and maintaining a list of blocked users and spammers. This ensured that our client would not run its campaign on bogus or replicated data, ensuring maximum output for our client.

The campaign management application went live in 60 days and turned out to be a huge success for Arla Foods. Their enhanced ability to capture consumer data and reengagement helped the client to strategize better for future campaigns. This collaboration resulted in an ongoing engagement for Virtual Force to support the client in ongoing campaigns and bring them success. This collaboration enhanced data accuracy, improved client engagement, provided ability to retarget existing clients and supported the KPI’s of the marketing team.


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