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Why only be a user when you can be an innovator. While working on a client app we found out that there was no easy way to add video effects in Android. There was a lot of boilerplate native C code that one had to go through in order to get this done. There was no way to preview any effect before actually applying it on video so we took up the challenge to write a library that would do that for us. Once done we thought why keep it to us?

Why don’t we share it with the world so that other brilliant minds can work on it and improve it. If you’re interested check it out on github and feel free to make contributions.

Using VidEffects for Android, you can preview many different video effects (Black and White Effect, Negative Effect, Vignette Effect) and see how your video would look like once these effects are applied to the video. There is a small Sample Activity located within the repository to get you started.

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