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The technology shift in household sector is on the Upswing. Digital world is bridging the gap between humans and their day to day activities, in the era where technology keeps everyone connected 24/7 we still have room for automation of home services.

It’s not a surprise that home service market has grown into a potential market when Google opts to experiment in that market by acquiring HomeJoy, the market’s tremendous potential can also be acknowledged by Amazon’s latest venture of online portal for home services.

All over the world around 86% of the home services are managed manually by home owners. Household service valuation is one thing to be considered as it’s not standardized yet. People use to pay visit to these home services provider companies to ask for assistance. Since people have adopted the technology for their daily use, it would be much easier if the household services can be managed through smart technology.

Happinesst has partnered with Virtual Force to automate the household services availability on smart phones and devices. Initially we captured the whole London map to deploy these service for managing / arranging household services on a click away. Not only it helps the household to provide services like plumbing, cleaning, fixing, painting and others along with features like price of the job, availability of the worker etc, it also provide an online web interface for the service providers to manage their schedules in real time. The real time mapping engine helps the workers to be efficient at work and avoid overlapping of jobs.

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The technology provides the service providers an option to create and update their availability via mobile. When a consumer is looking for a specific service, the algorithm automatically finds the best match and confirms the booking if there is a relevant service provider available in that postcode at the required time. The system then locks the time slot for that service provider and sends a notification for the specific job. This automatically avoids any chances of overbooking.

This solution is not only facilitating the consumer but also to provides an online automated system for home services business owners to manage the resources, their jobs and schedule along with their finances.

Get in touch with Virtual Force and let us know how we can help you!