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Wearable Tech and HealthCare

2015 seems the most powerful year for the wearable tech, especially in medical industry. When companies like Nike, Fitbit, Jawbone and Apple introduced wrist gadgets for measuring the heartbeat or calories count, we also thought how technology could be used on a bigger scale in health care.

The wearable digital technology market predicts a very good fortune for companies manufacturing these products, especially in the healthcare sector. It has already reached a value of $2 billion in 2011, with predictions that this will triple by 2016.

Nowadays doctors, physicians, paramedics are rapidly adopting technology to be efficient in their medical practice which is an also an encouragement to the wearable tech manufacturers to build accurate, fast and feasible gadgets, devices and apps for medical purposes.

UK National Health Service one of the finest example of the adoption of technology in the medical world. It’s a paperless healthcare facility with medical records, prescriptions and tests on your palm held devices. It a very challenging and innovative way to bring every activity in the medical center on your handheld devices.

We all have heard that google is taking down its google glass products, but the amount of work done in google glass for the healthcare industry is still commendable. The sales of those medically equipped google glass apps are still good, from surgeons during the surgery to paramedics during an emergency uses google glass app to experience real-time assistance from the experts.

At Virtual Force, we developed a solution for the on-location immediate medical assistance of accidents and natural disasters affected people using Google glass. Through this application, paramedics are equipped to get real-time assistance from a specialist with the help of high-resolution video calling functionality through Google Glass. All the data processing architecture is designed based on HiPPA compliance methodologies.


There are 3 parts of this solution. One end is configured on google glass which runs an application for the Paramedics. This app allows the paramedics to take immediate notes of the incident to create a patient file with the relevant history. Additionally it allows the Paramedic to call for immediate assistance. Through the app, the paramedic can initiate a real-time Video call to the specialists sitting in the hospital with a customized video calling feature. In emergency situations, the time during which specialist medical care is provided is very critical. Through this app, the paramedic becomes the eyes of the specialist and the doctor is able to provide immediate medical care. The other end of the solution (specialist side) is configured both on the web, mobile, and tablets. This enables the paramedic to reach out to a specialist on the go.

Wearable tech will revolutionize the medical industry and enhance the medical assistance in all aspect of human life. The impact of wearable tech medical industry can also be considered with the IoT Tech Expo Europe 2015 with a dedicated day for speakers only to speak on Wearable-tech in HealthCare.

From medical professors to consultants, from pediatrician to paramedics, from collaboration to surgeries smart wearable technology device is a game changer in HealthCare. The adoption is slow but significantly present. All we need is the entrepreneurs to be encouraged to invest in this industry to bring sustainability in this market.

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