Virtual Force Partners with Frogleap

Europe is turning out to be a Lead Market for digital health solutions and founder activity in the space has mushroomed over the last 3 years. 10% of the total workforce in Europe belongs to the health sector that contributes to the 9% of the total GDP. Expected rise of healthcare GDP is upto 16% by 2020.

Digital health in Europe is set for explosive growth, driven by the need to face the health-related challenges. Factors contributing to the growth of digital health include: i) Political commitment to provide the best healthcare to the citizens; ii) Europe’s decreasing population due to aging; iii) Changing patterns of diseases; iv) Expectations of citizens and patients; v) Patient empowerment and vi) Demand for increased efficiency from digital health.

Virtual Force, a growing tech innovator, promises to transform the world by joining forces with Frogleap – a digital health accelerator program based out of Stockholm, Sweden. The platform was created to fuel startups in digital health industry to rapidly pressure test and validate their business model and scale.

Virtual Force is extending its digital expertise to healthcare startups via Frogleap and supporting them in the implementation of next generation healthcare technologies. For Virtual Force, the concept of Digital Health is not limited to just technical development, but finding new ways to solve existing problems. A global thinking improves healthcare worldwide. Following the same philosophy, Virtual Force has designed and engineered healthcare systems for elderly care, nursing care, alternative models for health insurance and healthcare professional booking portal. Now, with Frogleap’s valuable partnership, it is ready to make its mark in the digital health revolution:

“We are confident that this collaboration will open up new opportunities for startup founders to confidently reach out to their potential investors and early users with a usable product. Healthcare is a growing industry in Nordic and Europe and many founders are trying to solve pressing problems. Our innovation model at Virtual Force will enable founders to rapidly prototype and engineer MVP to gain early success”– Jamil Goheer, CEO, Virtual Force.

Lars Iversen, Founder of Frogleap acceleration program, also expresses his enthusiasm to have Virtual Force on board:

Frogleap’s partnership with Virtual Force has brought in a new dimension to our offering here at our Healthcare accelerator. The critical component of technology acceleration is now a part of the program. We are excited to leverage the experience and success of Virtual Force in enabling founders to define clear product roadmap and fast product rollout.” – Lars Iversen, Founder of Frogleap.

Frogleap and Virtual force are aiming at creating solutions that disrupt the traditional mediums of providing healthcare services.

Frogleap collaboration - Jamil and Lars

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