Connecting Interior Designers to Homeowners

Interior Design Made Easy

Moodfit is an online interior design platform that brings a designer’s touch to your residential or office space. It is the first online interior design platform in the MENA region that offers a hassle-free online home furnishing and decoration service from carefully selected professional interior designers. The platform connects, coordinates, collaborate, and manages renovations end to end through an intelligent algorithm that matches the right designers based on the design preferences of the homeowners. Moodfit was able to roll out a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) in a short span of time and announce its presence with its first-of-its-kind interior designing application. 

Desktop Interface

Moodfit Wanted to Reimagine Interior Design

Moodfit’s business model relied heavily upon its app as it would serve as the guidance for the interior design for its customers. Naturally, the app had to be easy to use and intuitive. In addition to current requirements, it had to be scalable for use in AR/VR applications. 

How We Integrated AR/VR to the Mix

We took up the challenge and architected a comprehensive system after mapping all the requirements. The ensuing product was a combination of the incisive approach of our technical team and suggestions forwarded by Moodfit. 

A List of Features We Added to Moodfit

  • Interactive Design Quiz
    Customers can take a one-minute design quiz for the algorithm to determine their style and match them up with complementing designers.
  • Choose from Select Designers
    The customers can browse designers’ portfolios and choose the designers based on their preferences.


  • Interactive Online Design Board
    Once the customer’s tastes and demands have been established, they are redirected to the designer on our online Design Board to create their dream space.
  • Readymade Shopping List
    The customers receive their furniture layout and furniture shopping list from their selected designer after completing their design on the Design Board.

I can confidently recommend Virtual Force for product development. They helped us think through, plan, prioritize and develop the app for our platform. The app now has paying customers which are expected to grow in number and I am very happy with the Tech that has been developed.

Ghassan Abi Fadel

Cofounder | Moodfit