Mixing Metaverse to Boost Digital Commerce

Optimizing Online Store and Mobile Experience with AR

TCL Pakistan is a leading name in electronics and appliances. After a successful collaboration with them on their web app, they engaged VF to create a mobile app for their digital commerce store. From designing and building a revamped retail experience for their customers, we also added a 360° degree AR feature. This enables customers to virtually try out the appliances by placing them in their actual homes before buying TCL electronics or appliances. Besides integrating a payment gateway, we also added the option to buy TCL products in instalments. 

AR-Assisted Store

Augmented Reality to Garner Brand Loyalty

In the TCL mobile app, we added Augmented Reality so customers could place the TCL appliances in their actual homes by turning on the camera on their mobile devices. This boosted brand loyalty and advocacy by letting users engage directly with the products before purchasing them.