HBL Asset Management

Digitization of AMC for Global Outreach

Digital Transformation of Asset Management 

For HBL AMC, an asset management company, we digitally transformed their web and mobile app which their investors use. It is a reengineering of the legacy system that removes bottlenecks created by manual processes and it introduces efficient, instant and meaningful digital touchpoints. Some of the features we included in their user experience are digital onboarding, international accessibility, data-driven smart analysis dashboard, multi-tenant system, and machine learning-based recommendation engine. For the HBL AMC team, it includes a dashboard for the top management to gauge performance analytics to improve operations.

AMC on the go

Our Tech Intervention Significantly Improved User Experience

We ensured a streamlined process for self-service requests. We added a multi-tenant system to enable customers, regional managers and HBL AMC staff to simultaneously serve their customers in the best possible way. Now, the top management has a dashboard to view and analyze the performance of the portfolio and the operations to make improvements where necessary.

Making Asset Management Instant and Globally Accessible

To meet the needs of the 70% of mobile users of the AMC, we provided digital onboarding of customers to make the process faster and simpler. We enabled customers to create and manage an account from anywhere in the world.

Utilizing AI to Improve Investments and Portfolio

A data-driven smart analysis dashboard for the customers has been put in place to offer quick insights. We integrated a machine learning-based recommendation engine for improved returns as it lets the users make informed decisions based on their investment history.