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Building Digital Banks

Digital Platform for Lifestyle Banking

A digital platform for Aion Digital transformed from its formerly manually-handled procedures. Within the transformation, two touchpoints were created. The first is a mobile app utilizable by end-users and a web portal that serves the bank employees. To date, VF has synergized 27+ implementations with future iterations focused on big data, analytics, and AI insights.

Aion Digital Products

Collaborating to Achieve Contact-Less Digital Banking

With previous achievements in fintech, VF helped Aion Digital create a user-friendly, easily navigable and intuitive mobile app and digital platform. Through around 30 implementations, Aion Digital’s online presence and mobility were enhanced to be approachable by base-point users as well as corporates. In future iterations, Virtual Force will synergize Aion’s platform with integrations in big data, analytics and AI-backed insights. 

Why Aion Digital Disrupted Legacy Banking Flows

Aion Digital wanted an effective online presence backed with secure and accessible mobile apps and web platforms. The manual entries and solutions were outdated for modern use and users. Aion wanted to create a seamless process for onboarding its consumers and corporate clients. It also wanted to integrate Facebook-like campaigns, reward systems, financial wellbeing and efficient customer support. 

Our Innovative Disruptions in the MENA Region

Our fintech solution created using MERN and MEAN stacks offers an aesthetically clean interface on Aion Digital’s mobile app and web platform. With future scalability in mind, we have utilized a tech stack that can help Aion expand its operations with integrations in AI, ML, big data and meaningful insights. 

Digital Onboarding

Onboard retail customers within minutes, not days. Get a seamless “two-in-one” platform for digital onboarding and user authentication with the most advanced biometrics and biometric liveness capabilities. Aion’s platform comes pre-integrated with KYC and AML services.

  • Digital Identity / E-KYC
  • ID & Passport Complete Checks
  • In-App Video
  • Smart Features

Retail Banking Suite

Aion enables banks to acquire digital-ready customers through an engagement model that is built around their lifestyle needs. This holistic proposition to engage, drive transaction, and retain customers creates a compelling emotional connection with customers.

  • Dashboard
  • Transfer, Bills, and Payments
  • Open Banking
  • Personal Finance Manager
  • Deposits, Credit Facilities, and Loans
  • Customer Service Communications Hub


  • Account Services
  • Card Management (Debit/Credit)
  • Profile Management
  • High-Grade Security
  • Mobile Cheque Deposit 
  • Back Office Administration Module

Corporate & SME Banking

Aion enables corporate banks to acquire digital-ready customers through an engagement model that is built around the development of innovative business models and exceptional digital offerings. We’re disrupting the old world of corporate banking by raising the standards for customer experience.

  • Relationship Manager
  • Treasury
  • Account Services
  • Deposits & Loans
  • Transfers & Payments
  • Smart Cash Management
  • Bulk Payments


  • Service Requests
  • Card Management
  • Cheque Management
  • Customer Service & Comm. Hub
  • Profile Management Settings
  • Smart Apps (iOS/Android)

Open Banking Solutions

Aion 360 (Open banking enabled Personal Finance Manager) ensures banks can empower their customers with the personalized financial journey and deeper engagement Aion 360 enables banks, customers, to better manage their financial life, it helps in planning, budgeting and provides simplified tracking of expenses & income and many more features. 

  • Tracking & Analysis of Personal Income & Expense 
  • Automatic Categorization of All Transactions


  • Planning Spending and Savings
  • Receiving Financial Help, Recommendations & Personalized Offers

Aion Hikmah

  • AI Analytics & Dashboard
  • Managing Customer Value
  • Driving Customer Usage
  • Acquiring Customers Profitability
  • Product Development
  • Transfers & Payments


  • Smart Cash Management
  • Bulk Payments
  • Cheque Management
  • Customer Service & Comm
  • Profile Management Settings
  • Smart Apps (iOS/Android)

Customer Loyalty Ecosystem

Aion + is a digital ecosystem for customer loyalty. By embedding banking within the customers lifestyle, the platform targets acquisition and retention of high value customers including Gen Zs and Millennials. It is a new breed of loyalty programs that genuinely build an emotionally engaging relationship with its customers by giving opportunities that are not only personalized but wouldn’t have been possible otherwise.

Categories for Loyalty

  • Internships
  • Career Development
  • Health & Wellness
  • Premium Banking Services

Aion Digital