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5 Benefits of Revamping Customer Experience with Smart Bots

Smart bots help businesses build better relationships with their consumers. It offers the ability to connect instantly and resolve immediately. This is what makes bots preferred by internet-savvy users, especially the growing number of consumers consisting of Millennials and Gen-Y’ers. We, at Virtual Force, believe that customer support (CS) and customer experience (CX) can be positively revolutionized through the utilization of smart bots.

Here are 5 key benefits of integrating smart bots for your business to improve your CS and CX:

Catering to Introverts and Extroverts Alike

Introverts are usually shy, and extroverts are usually vocal. One customer may prefer using chat as their mode of communication whereas the other one might want to speak directly to you. Smart bots have the capacity to be efficient across a wide variety of inputs. Imagine a consumer driving their car and trying to reach out to your support staff. Another user may want to order their favorite coffee while suffering a meeting which could surely have been an email. With smart bots, the information input can be auditory, textual, or even visual. As we raise the bar with AI and smart bots, it’ll be no time before we can utilize unconventional input methods such as bone conduction, morse code, and more. Consumer-business communication will be accessible to everyone.

24/7/365 Customer Support and Success

Humans need rest to function optimally. Bots, on the other hand, can virtually work infinitely if provided with the right resources. By choosing a smart bot system for your customer support, you’re enabling a culture of repetitive excellence in consumer support and success. Your services will be open round-the-clock and all through the year. By letting bots work on menial queries, you’re freeing your human support staff to deal with more complex issues that require a human touch. You can boost your outbound marketing and sales strategy too and let them create more business opportunities. Be it Christmas, New Year’s Eve, Thanksgiving, etc., your customers will never again complain about your unavailability.

Instant Resolution of Queries and Problems

What customers love more than your products and services is your behavior, attention and listening skills. A repeat customer stays loyal to a business as long as they feel valued. How do you bring this value? By being there for them the moment they need you the most. A consumer-business relationship is similar to any other relationship; an equal amount of give and take. This is where smart bots can play in your favor as they will instantly recognize the customer and immediately get to resolving their issue. By investing in a thorough knowledge base and streamlined support via smart bots, you can win the loyalty and appreciation of your consumers. This small gesture will enable you to convert one-time visitors to repeat customers, and repeat customers into brand ambassadors. A minor upgrade in support can become beneficial in your outreach and sales strategy too.

Personalized for Individual Preferences

Using the latest Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) techniques, combined with specialized AI, your customers can be delivered personalized care. For instance, Tim prefers his coffee with a side of bagel whereas Rita likes smoothies. It may be hard for your support staff to remember individual preferences, and the staff may change over time. But, smart bots will gather your customer’s preference and use it to resell and upsell better deals for your business. Regulars order the usual but at times, they appreciate being offered something different. This becomes an opportunity for upselling. Smart bots can bundle up your products and services to offer exactly what your client needs, whether they know it yet or not. Pattern recognition plays a vital role in creating smarter support bots.

Diversifying Smart Bots for All Languages

When it comes to CS being offered via chatbots, voice bots, speech-to-text bots, etc., we have progressed exponentially in most major languages such as English and other Romance languages. There is still a huge gap in smart bots for non-English languages. According to the 2015 data, one in five US residents speaks a foreign language at home, with Arabic and Urdu growing the fastest. Creating bots for a single language is easy but with users who speak English as a second language, the key element to focus on is code-switching. This is when speakers alternate words from two or more languages within a single sentence. Smart bots need to pick the right context among a code-switched speech to offer excellent support.

In a recent project with Center for Language Engineering, Virtual Force created speech-based smart bots for banks. We are leading innovation in the bot sphere by being the first to integrate AI for Indo-Aryan languages. These bots have the capability of analyzing official languages English and Urdu as well as many other local languages. The tech by VF has significantly reduced CS costs while improving CX to generate greater ROI and revenue.

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Get in touch with Virtual Force and let us know how we can help you!