IBM Watson-Backed IoT-Integrated Digital Solution

Business Efficiency through Retail Analytics 

Retailytics is an IBM Watson-backed IoT-integrated digital solution that empowers retailers to gauge various metrics within their physical store and stock storage data. With the use of the Retailytics app, the retailer can calculate a wide number of datasets useful for flux management, stock replenishment solution, customer behavior, and preference analysis, etc.

Human Machine Interface

The Biggest Challenge for Retailers

For retailers, there is a huge crisis and revenue loss in the form of inefficient merchandising practices, impractical and insufficient supply network, inventory and product waste, and, the resulting dissatisfaction. Virtual Force took it upon itself to utilize its resources to create a holistic automated and effective process to analyze consumer-generated and stock-related data. The challenge was to translate physical metrics on a digital platform furthering a physical response and outcome. 

Problem-Solving Innovations by VF

  • Flux Management System
  • Stock Replenishment Solution
  • Data Tracking and Meaningful Insights


  • Customer Behavior
  • Customer Preference Trends
  • Physical Value Alerts (Temperature, Low Stock, etc.)

Flux Management System

By utilizing IoT integrations with IBM Watson, we created Retailytics devices, strategically placed to collect insightful data such as customer preference, logistic flow, time mapping, counter checks, visitor count, etc. The collected data is visualized within Retailytics app to understand customers’ shopping behavior and provide them with an optimal experience at all touchpoints. Retailytics enhances customer experience, improves operational performance, optimizes in-store logistics, reduces checkout times, and, improves conversion rates.

Stock Replenishment Solution

We created a solution for stock replenishment via IBM Watson-backed IoT-integrated Retailytics devices. With a user dashboard accessible online and within an app, every retailer can stay updated about the status of their Smart Chillers. The user can view, and be alerted for temperature fluctuations, opening-closing cycles, GPS location of the supply network, as well as a Keep-Alive Signal which reports chiller health. With these metrics being monitored in real-time by cognitive IoT, retailers get a more responsive, efficient, and transparent supply network. 

Integrations into AI+IoT Solution

  • Sensor-enabled Counter Checks
  • Low Stock Alerts
  • Temperature Alerts
  • Geo-tracking
  • Customized Alerting Rules
  • Historical and Trending Charts
  • Admin Panel