Study Abroad Apartments

Airbnb for Students

Design Development Ideation Implementation

A comprehensive app on similar lines to Airbnb, but focused solely on student accommodation where students can search apartments, contact landlords, book apartments, make payments, and a Venmo-like functionality covers up split payments between multiple tenants in one apartment. 

Planning to study abroad can be stressful, but with Study Abroad Apartments, students can easily find reliable housing. Founded in 2013, Study Abroad Apartments offers students thousands of accommodations in 13 global cities. Since its launch, the site has serviced thousands of students and has maintained positive reviews and experiences over the years. 

When Brett Newman had the idea to establish Study Abroad Apartments, he enlisted the help of Virtual Force to create a comprehensive system that could handle all of the requirements. In a market saturated with brick and mortar businesses, Study Abroad Apartments aimed to simplify the housing process and offer something new to students.

We designed a website with all of the features needed for finding housing abroad. The search for verified properties is made easy by simply inputting dates, location, and number of guests. Escrow for payment security is also available, ensuring that the payment cycle and schedule is worry-free for both students and landlords.


  • Ruby on Rails
  • AngularJS
  • Stripe
  • Heroku
  • Google Maps
  • Facebook SDK
  • HTML5

There is also an active community on Study Abroad Apartments, where students can find potential roommates and contact the support team for any questions or concerns throughout the process. Conveniently, the site offers the user the ability to split payments between roommates through a personal dashboard. Study Abroad Apartments guarantees a quick response time from landlords, giving them a 48- hour time limit to either accept or reject a request.

What sets Study Abroad Apartments apart from other housing options? They only show verified listings, ensuring that what you see is what you get when you move in. Each apartment comes fully furnished and the staff is knowledgeable about each city, eager to guide you to the right place.

We developed a time-effective solution that notably accelerated the launch of Study Abroad Apartments. Now, students and interns can find international housing in a secure, transparent, and convenient way. We ensure the best abroad experience.

Brett Newman


“Virtual Force has been an excellent resource and works very professionally. They have made a huge impact on our development team.”

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