Mental Health Care for the Modern Era

Transforming How We Measure and Care for Mental Health

HealthRhythms is on a mission to become the world’s number one solution for detecting clinically meaningful changes in behavioral health. Pioneered by a team of successful startup founders and internationally-recognized leaders in tech, business, and medicine, HealthRhythms is redefining how mental health is understood and managed in the twenty-first century.


What HealthRhythms Valued in Virtual Force

Health Rhythms is highly satisfied with Virtual Force’s robust application architecture, quality, and dexterity. The reporting and analytics system enabled them to garner much more insight than before. The intuitive interface has empowered them to manage each and every bit of the application with relative ease with no hassle and ambiguity. 

Making Data Points from Mental Health Reports

HealthRhythms needed a comprehensive and clinically grounded application to translate the reporting of mental well-being into loud and clear statistics. The solution to solving the problem resided in leveraging deep machine learning and predictive analytics to create novel health assessments. In addition, the data would have to report in a way where just-in-time personalized interventions could take place. The application needed to be present, both on mobile and web platforms respectively. 

How Our Solution Caters to Mental Health

Our engagement managers at Virtual Force analyzed the multi-pronged requirements and devised a solution to address all of our client’s needs. A consensus was reached after we pitched a final product design, which was the result of the incisive approach of our technical team and suggestions provided forward by Health Rhythms. Here’s what our product had to offer. 

Features We Added in the Tech Solution

  • Mobile Apps Usage
  • Self-reporting Module
  • Physical Activity Detection via Call/ SMS Activity Detection
  • Encrypted & Safe Data Storage
  • Location Tracking Using GPS

I would not hesitate to recommend VF to any early to a late-stage startup looking to develop an excellent product with limited resources. When we started working with Virtual Force over 2 years ago, we did not have the resources to hire engineers internally. VF provided dedicated high-quality engineers that provided the next best thing to an internal hire. They have always gone above and beyond specifications to make sure you get your product shipped, bug-free. The best testament to our satisfaction with VF’s work is that even though we today have a growing internal engineering team, we are still working with the original developer who feels like a member of our team.

Mark Matthews

COO | HealthRhythms