On-Demand Platform for In-Home Medical Treatment

Urgent and Primary Care to Your Home 

WhiteCoat is an on-demand healthcare platform offering in-home medical treatment as an alternative to an urgent care or ER visit. The startup connected patients quickly to medical professionals prior to admission in an ER.


How Virtual Force Helped WhiteCoat

The application we built helped WhiteCoat in streamlining its business model and providing timely healthcare to thousands of patients. VF offered a time-effective solution that notably decreased the response time of the diagnosis procedure as well. The solution holistically has yielded a healthy profit for WhiteCoat. 

What the Challenge Was for WhiteCoat

WhiteCoat needed software that would translate its ‘one-call away from treatment’ into a viable business model online. The software had to be easy to use for the medical practitioners, comprehensive enough to be utilized in the field & by the management. Multiple interfaces for different roles had to be built in order to facilitate the business flow. 

How We Built an All-in-One Solution

VF identified a multi-pronged solution by dividing the software into two mobile apps (for iOS and Android) and a web interface. The mobile applications were used by the in-field medical practitioners while the web solution was used primarily by administrators.  

What are the Features We Added

  • Appointment Scheduling
    To book an appointment, just select a time, describe your symptoms, and add your insurance if necessary.
  • Doctor & Patient Interface
    Different applications & interfaces were designed to be used, by the doctors & patients. The UI was easy to use & had a low learning curve.
  • EMR-Integration
    We integrated an Electronic Medical (EMR) database with the system to facilitate the medical practitioner in the field and the supervising doctor. This allows for a better experience for the patient and healthcare provider.


  • Admin Dashboard
    The software features a comprehensive dashboard showing vital activities and analytics from patient history to ongoing diagnosis, among others. It is managed by an administrator, who acts as a liaison between the patient and medical practitioners.
  • Outbound Call System
    We also set up an outbound call system to facilitate calls to patients. This also allowed for a smoother experience as the operator informed patients beforehand about the procedure and estimated time of arrival.
  • Low Response Time
    Our proposed software allowed for cutting down response time from 2 hours to up to 50 mins. This process was also expedited by setting protocols for outbound operators.

I had a great experience working with Virtual Force, and would highly recommend the company to other startups in our network, but more importantly, continue to use Virtual Force for all of WhiteCoat’s product development.

Mike Kwon

CEO | WhiteCoat