Online Telemedicine and Booking Portal in Pakistan

Online Healthcare Portal 

Oladoc is Pakistan’s one-stop destination for all healthcare needs. It helps connect patients with the right doctors besides helping healthcare professionals automate their practices and deliver a world-class healthcare experience. 


The Value Added to the Healthcare System

Oladoc was designed and released in a record time of 4 months, allowing the startup to get its one-of-kind product into the market before its competitors. The trust we managed to build during that tenure has pushed Oladoc to continue using Virtual Force as the technology partner for support and maintenance. It has cited ‘high quality of work deliveredʼ as the main reason behind its continued reliance on VF. 

Why the Telemedicine Sphere Had to Be Disrupted

Oladoc aimed to target an audience that is not used to ordering drugs online or getting online medical consult, in an environment that has a lack of technology literacy. Virtual Force came up with a very simple yet elegant design that caters to all age groups and demographics. We built the application for covering all mobile platforms and web, as well as under time constraints, to launch the Oladoc platform before competitors could catch on to the trend. 

The Solution Virtual Force Offered

Our engagement managers analyzed the requirements and devised a solution to address all of our Oladoc’s needs. The final product design was the result of insightful information and suggestions provided by Oladoc and the innovative approach of our technical team. We took a multi-tiered approach to development and proposed a solution consisting of a web portal and both Android and iOS apps. 

Some of Features in the Tech Solution

  • Mobile & Web Platforms
    VF designed both iOS, Android & web-based platforms for the healthcare application to ensure that users on every digital platform are reached.
  • Order Medicines
    Medicines can be delivered at home & will take up to 2 hours to reach their destination. There is no additional cost incurred by the vendor other than the price of medicine. 
  • Book Appointments
    VF set up an appointment module to help customers book appointments instantly with their preferred doctor. 


  • Automated Follow-Ups on Appointments
    The system generates automatic follow-ups on appointments made by patients so they don’t miss any checkups with the doctor.
  • Browse via Verified Top Doctors
    Customers can browse through approved doctors from the Medical & Dental Council and search by specialization till they find their match.
  • Secured Medical Records
    All records are saved and secured via encryption so that patient records and history remains private.