Aion Digital

Digital Platform for Lifestyle Banking

Development Engineering Implementation

A digital platform for Aion Digital transformed from its formerly manually-handled procedures. Within the transformation, two touch points were created. The first is a mobile app utilizable by end users and a web portal that serves the bank employees. To date, VF has synergized 27+ implementations with future iterations focused on big data, analytics, and AI insights.


  • MERN Stack
  • MEAN Stack


Aion Digital wanted an effective online presence backed with secure and accessible mobile app and web platform. The manual entries and solutions were outdated for modern use and users. Aion wanted to create a seamless process for onboarding its consumers and corporate clients. It also wanted to integrate Facebook-like campaigns, reward systems, financial wellbeing and efficient customer support.


Our fintech solution created using MERN and MEAN stacks offers an aesthetically clean interface on Aion Digital’s mobile app and web platform. With future scalability in mind, we have utilized a tech stack that can help Aion expand its operations with integrations in AI, ML, big data and meaningful insights.


With previous achievements in fintech, VF helped Aion Digital create a user-friendly, easily navigable and intuitive mobile app and digital platform. Through around 30 implementations, Aion Digital’s online presence and mobility was enhanced to be approachable by base-point users as well as corporates. In future iterations, Virtual Force will synergize Aion’s platform with integrations in big data, analytics and AI-backed insights.

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