Connecting Patients to Right Doctors, Right Away

Design Engineering Implementation

A video-conferencing-based telemedicine platform connecting patients that have chronic conditions and long-term problems with specialist physician via video calls and messaging. No referrals or visits to the clinic required. MediCheck consists of a network of 200 specialist physicians with a dedicated group handling communication, technology and support for MediCheck.se.


  • Node.js
  • MongoDB
  • AngularJS
  • iOS
  • Android


Our client, MediCheck, decided to step in as an alternative to the long wait times. They required a software which could handle basic needs of brick-and-mortar setups. All the basic facilities required for checking a patient including appointment scheduling, telemedicine, multilingual support and of course, quick response time were needed. In addition to this, the platform was also envisaged as a ‘second opinion’ platform for both patients and the doctors.


The solution to the problem was simple; if a doctor is free and reachable within a few hours drive, patients should be diverted to the available doctor instead of being forced in a queue. Our engagement managers at VF analyzed the multi-pronged requirements and devised a solution to address all of our client’s needs. A consensus was reached after we pitched a final product design.


MediCheck has been touted as a ‘success’ by its founders as the idea of low-wait times and telemedicine has caught up the attention of many in Sweden. In addition, the software provided by VF has managed to bring hundreds of patients in initial months, adding to revenue of MediCheck.

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