Between Payers & Healthcare Providers

Design Development

A platform between payers and healthcare providers which establishes internet based connectivity, information services, and B2B e-commerce capabilities for the healthcare insurance market with dedication to continuous development, expansion and quality services by maintaining a super-mega database managed by talented professionals.


  • Node.js
  • MongoDB
  • AngularJS


Claiming Claiming health insurance is an archaic, pre internet age problem that has remained untouched for decades in many countries. Most of the time, the patient has to bear the expenses at the time of treatment, regardless of the fact whether he holds a health insurance card or not. To claim a health policy, he has to go through a tedious and time consuming process that involves attaching all the invoices and then waiting for 15 days for the reimbursement. A lot of paperwork was involved in this verifying and claiming process, which was highly inconvenient and awkward for the insurance policy holder. To make this system work better, and to make the insurance consumer feel at home, a reliable, quick and convenient online system was needed.


To provide all the web portal services in an app wasn’t an easy task, as handheld devices have limitation regarding device hardware, screen size, platform, connectivity issues and several other issues. We set up and compressed the 5 services provided by the web portal into three different user interfaces including Patients, Members of the Hospital, and Health Insurance Providers.


VF team undertook the challenge, and developed user friendly, mobile applications based on IOS and Android. To provide secure and seamless use, the application was developed and tested on multiple OS versions and tested on multiple hardware systems. New features, such as navigation and marking of nearest hospital and clinic covered by the policy network were added. This allowed users to have access to more than just one medical care center in the vicinity.

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